Marshall County Job Description

Chief Clerk - Probate



Department:         Probate                                                                                  Job Code:              990

Reports To:           Probate Judge                                                                       DOT Reference:   169.167-034

Date:                      November 2007

FLSA:                    Exempt




                Oversees the operation of the Probate Office to assure that all court business is conducted efficiently, in a timely manner, and that all records are safely stored.  Establishes, modifies, and implements procedures as needed to comply with local state and federal laws regarding the Probate Judge’s office.  Assists the Probate Judge by handling routine matters and acting as Judge in the absence of the Probate Judge, except as limited by law.


Essential Job Functions


A.            To provide general oversight of the daily operation of the Office of the Probate Judge, engaged in selling licenses, and maintaining records.

                1.             Stay abreast of all new laws and regulations which affect the operation of the   

                             Probate Office and modify existing policies and procedures to assure compliance

                2.             Assure that bank deposits are made in accordance with established procedures

                3.             Assure that checks returned for insufficient funds are collected

                4.             Oversee the training of new employees, including evaluation of progress and

                             monitoring attendance

                5.             Requisition supplies and equipment of the Probate Office and maintain records of


                6.             Supervise the service and/or sale of:   license plates; title applications; licenses;

                             driver license or ID card and driving permits; boat registrations and operating

                             licenses; miscellaneous other licenses

                7.             Supervise the collection of ad valorem and sales taxes,

                8.             Supervise the recording of documents such as MTG tax; deed tax; mineral tax;

                             Notary      Bonds; Certificates of Judgment; Satisfaction of Lien; State Tax Lien;

                             Intent to Dissolve; DD214; POA; Trust Agreements


B.            To Assist the Probate Judge by performing routine duties delegated by the judge and acting as judge in his or her absence

                1.             Issue letters of testamentary, administrative and guardianship in uncontested


                2.             Administer oaths relating to the business of the court

                3.             Receive and certify acknowledgments and proof of documents authorized to be


                4.             Solemnize matrimony, approve bonds, and appoint guardians ad litem (GAL)

                5.             Admit and record wills to probate; pass and allow accounts of executors,

                            administrators, and guardianships where there is no contest

                6.             File condemnations, commitments, name changes, declarations of legitimacy, and            certifications of all documents filed in estates.

                7.             May perform all other acts and duties, both ministerial and judicial, of the Probate

                            Judge where there is no contest

                8.             Assist the Judge by researching the Code of Alabama and Attorney General

                             opinions as needed

                9.             Act as judge in his or her absence

                10.          Monitor election preparations and assist Probate Judge in its administration.

                11.          Listen to and counsel angry or distressed citizens who call or come to the Probate

                            Court to protest or seek to understand their treatment


C.            Supervise staff and assist subordinate supervisors

                1.             Conduct pre-employment interviews and make hiring recommendations

                2.             Interpret and apply personnel policies, departmental policies, and other relevant policies

                                and procedures

                3.             Review time and leave reports for assigned staff

                4.             Oversee and participate in staff training and development

                5.             Prepare and review performance appraisal and discuss with subordinates

                6.             Counsel employees regarding job performance and document in accordance with

                                established procedures

                7.             Assist subordinate supervisors in handling problem employees

                8.             Recommend disciplinary action as needed




Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities


1.             Knowledge of the Code of Alabama as it pertains to the responsibilities of the Office of the Probate Judge

2.             Knowledge of principles of management and supervision

3.             Knowledge of Probate Court procedures

4.             Knowledge of business English, spelling, and arithmetic

5.             Knowledge of modern office practices, procedures, and equipment including computers, scanners, and software

6.             Knowledge of legal terminology, documents, and the laws, rules, and regulations as these apply to the operation of the Probate Court

7.             Knowledge of Alabama voting laws and procedures

8.             Ability to make rational decisions based on legal precedent and facts in each case

9.             Ability to communicate clearly and effectively, both orally and in writing.

10.          Ability to read and understand written instructions, directives, manuals, laws, and regulations

11.          Ability to provide guidance and supervision in order to facilitate the efficient operation of the office

12.          Ability to manage multiple priorities and multiple demands to accomplish tasks in accordance with established requirements

13.          Ability to prepare and assist in administering election process

14.          Ability to research Code of Alabama and Attorney General Opinions as needed in order to provide relevant information to Probate Judge

15.          Ability to establish and maintain effective working relations with elected officials, employees, attorneys, and the public


Minimum Qualifications


                Bachelor’s degree in Business or Public Administration or related field plus 5 years of experience in a Probate office, with at least 3 years of supervisory experience, or an equivalent combination of education and experience


                This job description should not be interpreted as all inclusive.  It is intended to identify the major responsibilities and requirements of this job classification.  All incumbents may not perform all of the job duties listed, and some incumbents may perform some duties which are not listed, and incumbents may be requested to perform job-related responsibilities and tasks other than those stated in this description.