Marshall County Personnel Board

Marshall County Courthouse

424 Blount Avenue, Room A342

Guntersville, AL 35976

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The purpose of this "Information Sheet" is to inform you of employment procedures within Marshall County government and the function of the Marshall County Personnel Board.


The Merit System

Established in 1982, the Merit System administered by the Marshall County Personnel Board provides employment opportunities for qualified individuals to fill classified service vacancies within Marshall County government.  The merit system is based on competitive selection, following the principle that positions are filled on an equal opportunity basis. Included in the classified service are jobs in the following departments and offices:


            County Commission Business Office             County Engineer

            Probate Judge                                                 Tax Assessor

            Tax Collector                                                  Sheriff/Jail

            Maintenance                                                    License Inspector

            Solid Waste Enforcement                               Road District Shops

            Soil Conservation Office (1 employee)          Personnel Board

            Data Processing (Information Systems)         Animal Control


            Council on Aging


Jobs in other departments or agencies are not included in the classified service and vacancies are not filled through the Marshall County Personnel Board.  You should contact those departments or agencies for job information.


How Appointments are Made

The Personnel Board does not do the hiring, but does accept applications and places qualified applicants on appropriate eligible lists.  Appointments to vacant positions are made by various county departments from among the top three ranking applicants whose names are furnished to that department by the Personnel Board.  The names of those applicants not selected remain on the eligible list until it expires and are considered for future vacancies that may occur.  Appointments are ordinarily made at the minimum of the salary range for the job classification.


How You are Rated for Placement on an Eligible List

To be considered for a job in the classified service of Marshall County you must be on an eligible list for the job.  Requirements for a job are on the job announcement.  You must meet the qualifications for the job to be rated for inclusion on the eligible list for that job.  For some jobs you may be required to take a written test.  For other jobs you get a score based on your education, experience and training.  For a few jobs you may get a score based on some activity you must perform in the job.


Veteran's preference for classified service jobs is given in the same manner as provided by the State of Alabama.  You must submit proof at the time of application to get veteran's preference credit.  More information about this credit is on the application form.


How to Apply for Classified Service Vacancies

APPLICATIONS ARE ACCEPTED ON OFFICIAL FORMS ONLY; RESUMES WILL NOT SUBSTITUTE.  Supplemental questionnaires may be required for some jobs.  Applications are accepted by the Board only when there is an announcement posted and only during the period specified on the announcement.  The Board does not accept general applications.


Separate applications forms must be completed and filed for each job.  The application must give the complete and exact job title and number as it appears on the announcement. 


Completed applications must be filed with the Personnel Board office by the closing date specified on the announcement.  Mailed applications must be received by the final filing date. 


All job announcements are subject to change and may be closed without notice.


How and Where Job Announcements of the Marshall County Personnel Board are Posted

As noted above the Personnel Board accepts applications only when there is an announcement posted and only during the period specified on the announcement.  In an effort to make these announcements available to the public the Board advertises and posts all job announcements by a variety of methods.  Those include, but may not be limited to, the following.


Posting Locations:

            Personnel Board office at the Marshall County Courthouse in Guntersville

            Marshall County Courthouse in Albertville

            Snead State Community College in Boaz

            Marshall County Technical School in Guntersville

            Department of Human Resources in Guntersville

            City Halls and Town Halls throughout the county


Listing With the Alabama State Employment Service


Advertising in Marshall County Newspapers


Employment announcements of the Marshall County Personnel Board are available on the county's web site at